call (monikko calls)

  1. kutsu; kutsuhuuto; huuto
  2. puhelu
  3. käynti, visiitti, vierailukäynti
    to pay a call on someone
    to pay someone a call
  4. ennakointi, ennustus, etukäteisarvio
    You knew exactly how the market would behave. Good call!

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ind. prees. y. 3. p. calls
part. prees. calling
imp. & part. perf. called


  1. soittaa puhelimella
  2. käydä tapaamassa
    We could call on a friend of mine who lives in this town.
    I'm planning to call on granny today.
    Someone called round while you were away.
    (kauppa) Thank you for your custom. Call again!
  3. (merenkulku, rautatiet) pysähtyä asemalla; vierailla satamassa
    Does this train call at Reading?
    Every summer several luxury cruise ships call at Helsinki.
  4. kutsua jksk
    A very tall building is called a skyscraper.
    It's very rude to call people names.
    How should we call the puppy?
  5. järjestää; kutsua koolle
    call a meeting – järjestää tapaaminen/kokous
    call an election – järjestää vaalit
  6. huutaa, huudahtaa (saadakseen apua t. kiinnittääkseen huomion)
    "In here!", the girl called out.
    Hands up! And don't call out or I'll shoot.
  7. määrätä (liikkeelle jms.)
    The Governor called out the National Guard to keep order after several nights of rioting and looting.
  8. ~ for edellyttää, vaatia
    Exceptional times call for exceptional measures.
    This calls for a drink.
    I don't think that was really called for (=necessary).
    Demonstrators and several newspapers are calling for his resignation.
  9. julistaa (esim. vaalitulos)
    the state is too close to call at this point
  10. ennakoida, ennustaa
    This market analyst has been able to call all recent market downturns.
  11. kääntyä jonkun puoleen
    We can call on specialists with a wide range of expertise.
    I hate that teacher. She always calls on me although she knows I don't know a thing.

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  • call it a day – lopettaa työnteko t. muu aktiviteetti, kun on tehty tarpeeksi
  • call off the dogs – lakata arvostelemasta; saada joku lopettamaan arvostelu, hyökkäykset jms.