take up

  1. viedä (ylös)
    I took her up to the bedroom.
    He took us up to the hill for a view over the entire city.
  2. ryhtyä johonkin; alkaa tehdä jotain (harrastuksena, työnä)
    I've taken up French.
    You should take up painting because your drawings are really good.
    I might take it up professionally.
    Would you take up arms to defend your country?
  3. ottaa puheenaiheeksi, käsiteltäväksi
    The parliament is expected to take the issue up next week.
    We took this up with the teacher.
    Don't blame me. You took it up!
  4. hyväksyä, ottaa vastaan (tarjous, haaste ym.)
    I wish my husband took up my offer to finally paint the house together.
    He didn't take up the challenge.
  5. omaksua, ottaa tietty asenne jms.
    Do not take up that attitude with me, young lady!
    It is not easy to take up the habits of another culture.
  6. jatkaa (keskeytyksen jälkeen), ryhtyä uudelleen johonkin
    We took up where we had left off and got back together.
    He took up reading the novel after the interruption.
    Had she given up on the plan? Or maybe taken it up again?
  7. yhtyä johonkin tekemiseen
    More and more people took up chanting the slogan.
    Thousands of people took up the national anthem once someone had started singing it.
  8. viedä (tilaa, energiaa jms.)
    My clothes don't take up much closet space.
    The twins took up all her energy.
    This app seems to take up a lot of battery power.
  9. irrottaa, nostaa irti
    I took the floor boards up to make sure the mineral wool was dry.
  10. lyhentää (vaatetta)
    You can take that skirt up if you don't like it that long.
  11. auttaa ylenemään t. etenemään elämässä
    I took you up and I can bring you down, too!
  12. imeä kosteutta, ottaa t. absorboida jotakin
    The crops take up nitrogen from the soil.
    Neurotransmitters are released by the nerve cell and taken up by another cell on the other side of the synapse.

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