ind. prees. y. 3. p. thinks
part. prees. thinking
imp. & part. perf. thought


  1. ajatella
  2. ~ about ajatella jkta/jtak, miettiä jkta/jtak, pohtia jtak
    I thought about the problem for three hours but couldn’t find the solution.
  3. luulla, arvella
    I think she’ll pass the examination.
    Do you think so?
  4. ~ of ajatella jotakuta, ajatella jostakin jotakin, pitää jonakin
    Thinking of you.
    I hope you don't think badly of me for leaving.
    Nobody seriously thought of her as a suitable candidate.
  5. olla jotakin mieltä
    Contrary to most people, I think she is pretty.
    I think it's just wrong.
  6. (suora objekti) pitää jkta/jtak jkna/jnak
    I thought him a very nice young man.
    She thought Tom a country bumpkin.
    I guess you think me odd...
  7. ~ up keksiä mielessään jotain
    I can think up plenty of excuses not to go, but we really should attend.


  • IPA: /ˈθɪŋk/
  • Näin äännetään alueella: Yhdysvallat

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